Improvisation Summer Course Amsterdam

When: July 24 to August 20, 2017

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The improvisation summer course has been an annual Amsterdam event since 2009. The aim of the improvisation summer course is to provide a platform for musicians, vocalist, actors, dancers and performance artists to engage in intensive study alongside weekend performance events so that they can re-consider and re-present real time performance in the ever evolving time we live in. For 2017, we have moved the Amsterdam Improvisation summer course to the OT301 cultural centre, Overtoom 301, 1054 HW.

Artistic directors: Katie Duck, Manuela Tessi and Miri Lee

Course Content:

Music Theatre workshop Katie Duck July 24 to August 18, four weeks, 13:30-17:30, four hours a day, Monday to Friday, Studio 1. My theatre music workshop aims to provide the practise of performance presence and composition within a multi disciplinary format. I use games, exercises, lectures, scores and sessions alongside group and individual feedback. Microphones and sound system will be available in the playing space to experiment with music, singing, sound and/or text. Body and performance presence is equally introduced and shared with all of the artists without prejudice towards their given disciplines or backgrounds. I will invite musicians from Amsterdam to join me in the finale two hours of the workshop periodically. €45 per day / €145 per week / €500 for four weeks.
Music Dance workshop Mary Oliver (music) and Manuela Tessi

Our Music dance workshop will explore the languages and collaboration options that evolve around real time composition for musicians and dancers. Traditionally, music and dance has been viewed as similar art forms. This workshop will guide the dancers and musicians towards an experiential context with an emphasis on questioning how to compose the body in a sonic filled space and how to compose sound with a body in space. Mary Oliver will be available for tutorials for musicians in the finale two weeks of the summer course. July 24 to August 4, two weeks, 18:00-21:00, three hours a day, Monday to Thursday, Studio 1. €50 per day / €130 per week / €240 two weeks.

Movement classes Miri Lee and and Manuela Tessi

We are two diverse teachers who have discovered our material for movement classes by way of our shared experiences in front of public’s in real time events and compositions and within our specific research in somatic education, traditional Korean dance and contemporary dance. July 25 to August 18. Four weeks, 10:30-12:30, two hours, Monday to Friday, Bodlabot studio. €8 per day / €5 per day if you are booking and doing payment in advance when you register for the TM or MD workshops. Minimum of five classes.

Select what workshops you wish to follow on the Improvisation Summer course and go to Katie Duck by email with your schedule /

Additional events on the summer course: Freakatoni Witchy weekends real time performance events every weekend by the participants and visiting artist / Rehearsal space for all participants to book / Tutorials / Intensive workshops by professional local artists –

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