Experience an immersive 360-degree performance illuminating the history of the colonnade ruins at Princeton Battlefield State Park.

Where: In-person: Princeton Battlefield State Park, Princeton, NJ, USA
Remote viewing: http://luminariumdance.org/time

When: Now Live!

Combining history, technology, and dance, “The Time Traveler’s Lens” uses 360-degree videography and interdisciplinary choreography to present an extended reality (XR) immersive performance illuminating the history of the colonnade at Princeton Battlefield State Park (Princeton, NJ). This site-specific performance features five 360-degree dance films that are viewable as augmented reality (AR) across the battlefield grounds on visitors’ personal mobile devices or as a virtual reality (VR) experience when viewed remotely elsewhere. This immersive, yet Covid-safe, performance invites visitors to become active participants in the colonnade’s history. Shot in 360, no two viewings of this work will be alike! As the time traveler, you control the lens, while experiencing the layers of past identities held by this historic site, including ties to the American Revolution (1777); Thomas Ustick Walter, famed architect of the U.S. Capitol (1835); and the Delaware & Raritan Canal (1901); among other glimpses into the colonnade’s rich and storied past.

“The Time Traveler’s Lens” is accessible via a website that can be unlocked for free using passwords found at the Princeton Battlefield State Park OR by paying a one-time ticket purchase for infinite remote access. Visitors are encouraged to view these XR films using the free YouTube app on their mobile devices for an immersive 360-degree experience.

What viewers are saying:

“My mother’s property is within walking distance from the monument. I remember many visits there when I was a child. Your work has brought this monument alive again! What fascinating research you uncovered. I got lost in time while watching all the videos!!” –Wendy Lawson

“I had an incredible, multi-dimensional experience. There we were, with one foot firmly planted on the grass at the park, and the other foot trodding through history. Amazing!” –Barbara Angeline

“The Time Traveler’s Lens” is Luminarium Dance Company’s 2021 Cultural Community Outreach Project—a custom-tailored annual event that integrates history, choreography, and the arts to celebrate a town’s cultural and historic landmarks. This annual project is led by Luminarium artistic director Merli V. Guerra, an award-winning choreographer, filmmaker, and interdisciplinary artist.

Founded by Merli V. Guerra and Kimberleigh A. Holman in 2010, Luminarium is an award-winning contemporary dance company in its 11th season that is regularly hailed for its unique combination of dance and illumination. Luminarium’s mission is two-fold, stemming from the word “luminary” (n. 1. a body that gives off light 2. sheds light on some subject or enlightens mankind). Luminarium has two professional performance companies: its home base company is in Boston, MA; its satellite company is in Princeton, NJ.

Visit http://luminariumdance.org/time

Costs for participants: This event is free for visitors on the park grounds or viewable remotely with a one-time ticket purchase.

Contact details: If you would like more information about this event, or to inquire about having Luminarium Dance Company create a 360-degree production illuminating your site or organization, please contact Merli V. Guerra at mguerra@luminariumdance.org.