We are part of a complex system of relationships and subsets.
We believe that in-depth study through internships and workshops is of great importance for a dancer in training and for professionals looking for additional stimuli.

Where: Milano, Italy

When: The program extends on a monthly periodic basis

The program allows to encounter a wide variety of artists. Through all 2024 masterclasses and workshops are organized to provide a close up with the uniqueness of each guest teacher.

So far these are the scheduled appointments:

Frantics Dance Company
16.03.2024 – 17.03.2024

30.03.2024 – 31.03.2024

Chloe Albaret
13.04.2024 – 14.04.2024

Emma Evelain
27.04.2024 – 28.04.2024

Lior Tavori
25.04.2024 – 26.05.2024

How to apply / register:
Once you have chosen the most convenient package, it is possible to book directly on the site for each stage while places are available.
To register you must:   
● completed registration form
● copy of the payment for the selected package. In case of splitting through installments, it is necessary to send a copy of each payment.

Costs for participants:
n.1 workshop (6 hours): 79 euros   
n.2 workshops (12 hours): 150 euros   
n.3 workshops (18 hours): 205 euros   
n.5 workshops (30 hours): 325 euros.
Each subsequent workshop will be paid based on the proportion of the average price per workshop of the package itself and not based on the price of the individual internship. Payment is divided into two instalments.
First instalment of 200 euros to be paid immediately, the other for 125 euros within 30 days of the deposit.   
n.10 workshops (60 hours): 610 euros.
Each subsequent workshop will be paid based on the proportion of the average price of the package itself, not based on the price of the individual stage. Payment is divided into three instalments.
First instalment of 310 euros to be paid immediately.
Second instalment of 150 euros within 45 days of the deposit.
Third instalment of 150 euros within 60 days of the deposit.   ​
All packages are valid until12/31/2025

Contact details:
Contact details: info@imagofaculty.it

For further information please visit: https://en.imagofaculty.it/home

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