IC Films are looking for 2 female dancers with a playing age of 16 for a short dance film commissioned by the BBC.

Where: London, UK

When: 18th of April

The short film tells the story of a teenager wrestling with her inner demons who finds the strength to walk away in human connection. The fight with her depression will be represented with a choreographed dance between the teenager and her depression (represented by a second dancer that looks similar to herself – her mirror image/dark side).

The piece draws inspiration from Japanese horror films of the early 2000s such as the Grudge, or the Ring and classic haunted house horror films. The film will have a horror aesthetic and style. The music will be a piece written to complement the choreography, and will be inspired by more experimental soundtracks of the films Annihilation and Under the Skin, with a goal to create an uneasy/eerie ambience.

This is a very low budget commission and as such we are only able to pay a flat fee of £100 for 1 day of shooting (plus expenses). However, this short will be broadcast on online platforms and will be submitted to Film Festivals internationally.

To apply, please send your showreel and instagram account toisabel@icfilms.co.uk

For further information, please visit https://www.icfilms.co.uk/

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