I am WOMAN – Explorative Dance Performance
As Janet Vella prepares to launch my upcoming book- I am WOMAN – she also prepares to accompany the words with Dance and the enormous exploration of the woman in all that she embodies. This is a journey of self-loving poetry, movement and healing and she is looking for some exquisite dancers to accompany me on this journey.

Where: Powai Mumbai, India

When: End August 2018 (exact date tba)

Deadline for applications: 10th August

What it is

This is a journey that I wish to embark on with other artists who not only have an innate desire to Dance but to find themselves as Women and heal all aspects of trauma. I envisage improvisation, sound, silent and loud expression and a beautiful concoction of stories

What it’s not
The usual display of steps on stage

The Dancer
I am looking for open minded artists (women only) who know their art; technically polished and confirmed within their realm of unapologetic expression. The artist who wishes to evolve into further exploration of herself and who is ready to combine her talent with other like-minded women

Any – Indian, Popping, Flamenco, Classical…

I wish to use an intuitive process in this and meet up with whoever decides to apply.
I will write to you with details of time, day, place.
My investment in your participation will be trauma healing that I will offer to each and every one who is chosen for the journey. The book is in its final stages and as I write, I’d like to explore the artistic journey on the side. You will also get a copy of my Book.

How to apply
Please video your message and send to me via email at janet@janetvella.com and tell me why you are applying.
Please include a really short description of your dance history and a video of you in movement

For further information, please visit www.janetvella.com

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