Join Humanhood Dance Company live in the studio for 5-day intensive workshops (3 hours/ day) in London or Barcelona!

Where: London (Artsadmin, Toynbee Studios) & Barcelona (La Caldera)

When: 10-14 October 2022

Join us for a 1-week professional dance workshop with company dancers & Rudi Cole (London) and Julia Robert (Barcelona). These sessions are for professional and vocational dancers as well as movement practitioners who are passionate about embodying HUMANHOOD’s physicality and energetic quality, and learning the company’s choreographic repertoire.

Participants will dive into the embodied practice and movement quality developed by Julia and Rudi, which forms the signature of HUMANHOOD Dance Company’s vocabulary. These sessions also include repertoire of previous company works, giving students an opportunity to learn in detail the different movement sequences and the intention behind them.

Participants also receive in-depth insight about the mental application and internal state of the company dancers when performing the work. Dancing to the original soundtracks, you will get to embody the extraordinary choreographic style of Julia and Rudi and experience what it is like to move like a HUMANHOOD dancer.

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Costs for participants: £300

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