How to Jumpstart Your Career this Summer
If you’re close to graduating and ready to launch your professional career, go to college, or another kind of program, it’s all about networking. Summer is a great time to do that by participating in intensives. Dancers start, and build their career on the strength of their relationships. How do you build the right network you ask? Here are a few tips to get you started:

If you’re looking at colleges and feeling overwhelmed, not sure which is the right fit for you, or what the difference between the programs is, check and see if the schools you’re interested in have summer intensives, it’s a great way to meet the faculty and the other potential students. The faculty will be the first professional network you connect to, if none of them are doing or have done things you’re excited by, you’re plugging yourself into the wrong network, keep looking.

If you’re taking the plunge and moving to a big industry city like New York, Los Angeles, London or elsewhere, strategize where you can plug yourself into the best network to support your career goals. Many dancers think taking class at the local professional studio is enough, it isn’t! While you may eventually get noticed in class, remember that everyone else is there counting on the same thing, the competition is fierce. Plus the teacher is there to offer a good class, not to give you individual attention, feedback, or guidance. Some teachers will, but don’t count on it. If you’re in looking to expand your dance skills and improve your technique visit Dancing Opportunities’ Intensive page and choose where to study this summer.

The dance world offers so many exciting opportunities in so many different places around the world, be sure to strategize, and create your network so you can succeed in any facet of it!

About the author
Kai Hazelwood ( ) is a choreographer, performer and educator with over 25 years of experience in contemporary, modern, ballet, performance art and dance theater.
Kai left her 4 year post as faculty and dance outreach coordinator at AMDA College & Conservatory in January 2016 to refocus on her artistic career beginning with a guest choreographer post with Martz Contemporary Dance Company in Barcelona Spain. Kai then went on to tour with Axis Dance Company before returning to Los Angeles to continue her own choreographic work including being selected as a 2017 Dance Omi International Dance Collective Resident. She also works as a dance event producer and consultant visiting studios and schools offering group workshops, choreographing college audition solos and coaching aspiring dancers on how to launch their careers be it college, company, commercial work or beyond.