Join the HJS Spring Intensive from April 1st till April 8th .

Where: Chasséstraat 64, 1057 JJ Amsterdam, the Netherlands

When: April 1 – 7, 2024

Hey Dance Community 

Join us in April (1-8) for the annual HJS Spring Intensive with exclusive workshops of:

KOMOCO – with Paolo Piancastelli
KC workshop is open to professional dancers and movers from different backgrounds. KOMOCO research aims to offer a sense the whole in a physical and sensorial way
through the exploration and therefore the discovery of new possibilities with our bodies. This practice takes the name of Kreaturistic Character (KC) as we connect to the creature that we are – that we just forgot about – which consequently brings more awareness to our unique artistic individuality to be expressed in endless ways through a series of games and guided improvisational tasks.

Jiri Pokorny – Repertoire & Movement Tools
The workshop focuses on the study and practice of movement tools that continuously resonate through Pokorny’s creative process. The workshop begins with a session of improvisation through which the students get the opportunity to discover a various movement possibilities that continue to reveal inside the choreographic language of Pokorny’s repertory.

Anat Oz – Choreography/Creation Workshop
Beginning with a guided improvisation class we examine various tools to expand the range of expression through the body. We will explore ways to enhance technical abilities, both in terms of body control and in terms of letting go, allowing the flow of movement to lead the body. The body intuitively speaks the most sensitive and honest topics that our beings are dealing with, and therefore the movements we produce from a connected mind space, tells a story about our inner selves in the moment. We will use this belief as a starting point to extract insights about the content relevant to us during the encounter, identify similar content among group members, and from there, we will find the building blocks for a playful short and local creation that is suitable only for this moment with the participating individuals.

We look forward to seeing you!

How to register:
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Costs for participants: €95 – €120

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