Growing Sound Contemporary Workshop with Live Music
As part of their production “Tiarella Hybrid”, Magdalena and her live musician Jarii open up space for physical and vocal states and uprisings.

Where: Studio Pro Arte, Am Rohrgraben 4a, 79249 Merzhausen/Freiburg, Germany

When: 05.06.2021 10h-16h

Workshop Info:
After an intense warm-up that wakes our senses, makes the body warm and the voice audible, we will occupy the space together. growing/sound, as part of the KOMA anthrobotic production “Tiarella Hybrid”, invites you to explore the connection between voice and personality. We practice deep listening, a dynamic wild meditation, write letters to one’s own voice and test various improvisational scores that make us sweat inside and out. The strong connection between our personality and voice, we will explore on a physical and vocal level, using specific character traits and memories as inspiration. We are accompanied by the musician Jarii van Gohl aka soundselektor, with whom we enter into a Pychian musical dialogue.

About Magdalena:

About KOMA/Magdalena:
Under the label KOMA, founded as a binational collective Freiburg-St.Gallen, Magdalena develops performances for stages and offspaces and favors changing collaborations with colleagues. Her versatile training is reflected in the facets of her work, which moves playfully between performance and installation, dance and experimental space-sound experience. As a performer, she is distinguished by her large and versatile speaking/singing voice and her physical strength and stamina.

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Costs for participants: 40,00€

Contact details: Studio Pro Arte
Am Rohrgraben 4a
79249 Merzhausen

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