Gravity and Grace Intensive Lab Casina Settarte – opportunity to conduct a kind of movement research aimed at examining the organism-person as a material entity which contains in its inner the different states of matter.

Where: Casina Settarte, Ostuni, Italy

When: 5 days 11/15 September 2024 (arrival 10 September departure 16)

Deadline for applications: 8 September 2024

This experimental lab by Gabriella Zeno deals with a training that allows us to broaden our awareness on the perception of inner and external touch, of the immobility in the dinamicy of movement and of the dinamicy of movement in the stillness, of improving core strength, and of increasing our personal style of a variety of expressive tones. Training sessions indoor and in the Itria Valley.

How to register:
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Costs for participants: from 420 to 480 euro (total price including board and lodging)

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