Graham / ActDance Posture weekend workshop, open to all and all levels: amateurs, passionate, dance teachers, professional dancers, trained or not in Graham technique.

Where: Micadanses, 15 et 20 rue Geoffroy l’Asnier 75004 Paris

September 8-9,
October 20-21,
November 24-25 2018

3hr Graham / ActDance Posture Master Class on Saturdays and on Sundays. Once a month. Through Graham movement vocabulary, we will explore our singularities as individuals/bodies/artists, in order to unlock possibilities for artistic interpretation of Form, Mind, Emotion, Vision.
We ask: What makes the Artist unique, specific, and strong?
The Graham technique teaches us to return to movement basics to allow our art to be at the service of freedom, and expressiveness.
The work includes the fundamentals of geometry in space, mind posture, and interpretation as well as encouraging the physical, psychic, and emotional re-alignment of the artist.

The Graham / ActDance Posture program is taught by two professionals. The Graham language class taught by Rafael Molina or by a guest Graham master teacher will be accompanied by Marie-Christine Devineau, who will comment on aspects of dance technique, artistry, and health.

Rafael Molina is a specialist in Graham technique and committed to expanding Graham teaching in Europe and to promoting American modern dance.
« Our body is a sacred garment » Martha Graham

After a career as a ballet dancer, Marie-Chrstine Devineau specialised in Posture and works as a health therapist for artists.
« Of all the diseases, the wildest is to despise our being » Montaigne

To register:
Contact Graham For Europe, Rafael Molina > , +33. (0) 637.555.744
Or ActDance Posture, Marie-Christine Devineau >, +33(0) 613. 112. 343

Costs for participants:
1 trial week end = 95€, 1 single week end = 120€, 1 single day = 60€, 1 trimester = 295€, yearly subscription =75€/month

For further information please visit

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