Gaga/dancers weekend in Linz with Tanja Saban. Living inside a body is extraordinary; dancing with an awakened sensory body is magic.

Where: Redsapata TANZFABRIK Ludlgasse 19, 4020 Linz, Austria

When: 09.-10.November 2019

Deadline for applications: 08.November 2019

In Gaga we explore how we move from sensations and how our sensations can be an engine for our movement. We connect to pleasure and playfulness while we are multitasking, challenging our body and mind to become available. The deeper we dive into our sensory body, the more possibilities are opening up. Becoming aware of and differentiating sensations in the many layers of our body creates room for an organic reorganization of our movement habits. It connects us to flow, ease and our passion to move. We enrich our sensitivity and refine our ability to express, in the small and big gestures.

Fluid identities – phrase work (Saturday)
A choreographed sequence is the starting point and our creative restraint. Finding precision and defining the identity of a phrase- its spatial structure, textures, dynamics and rhythms- feeds into our movement vocabulary and helps us reflect on how we are using the elements of the dance in our body.

The next stage is about interpretation and deconstruction. We use each others movement, interpreting the interpretation and deconstruct the movement material until new choreographic identities emerge.

Somatic sequencing (Sunday)
The quality of our perception determines the quality of our movement. We are deep diving into an exploration of our anatomy and internal landscapes, reawakening our sensory body. Through movement, imagery and touch we explore different layers of tissues and their respective function. Fine tuning and differentiating our sensory awareness lets the body reorganize movement patterns and opens up a new range of possibilities in our bodies. We research where and how movement is initiated, how it sequences through the body and orchestrates rhythms and textures. Deep listening into our microcosm enriches our perception and refines our ability to articulate, in the small and big gestures.

The Weekend includes: 2 Gaga/people Classes, 1 fluid identities class, 1 somatic sequencing class, 2 Gaga/dancers Classes

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Costs for participants: This time we have 13-Early-Bird-Price-Tickets for participating at the whole Weekend: 95,00€; after they are sold out the Normal-Price for participating at the whole Weekend: 120,00€

Contact details: for questions please contact Linda:

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