Gaeun Kim & Elias Kraft Workshop at Studio Pro Arte Freiburg, Germany.

Where: Studio Pro Arte, Freiburg, Germany

When: Sunday, 26th of November 2023

‘You are the driver of your own vehicle while getting information about the traffic around.’

“Experience the synergy of spontaneous acting and meditation techniques in our workshop. Engage with our audience using the diverse concepts explored in the performance, offering a unique opportunity to directly immerse yourself in these ideas. Furthermore, various elements are incorporated to deepen your awareness of both inner and outer spaces.

Embark on a mysterious journey exploring how external body awareness influences your inner self. The interplay between external input and internal experience challenges you to maintain a constant vigilance of both mind and body.

Join us in this journey to explore the inner and outer realms of awareness and choice. Participate in this exploration of perceiving the spaces within and around your body, and discover a richer understanding of ‘space.’ This workshop aims to give an experience of insight and transformation.”

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Gaeun Kim & Elias Kraft are contemporary artists in Performance, Dance and
Physical Theatre, respectively from South Korea and Sweden.

How to apply:

Costs for participants: 15,-€ – discount of 10% until Nov. 15th

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