Fuora Dance Project is looking for a dance artist with a minimum 3 years of performance experience, who is familiar with working in a collaborative environment, to join us for an R&D process in Scotland this autumn.

Where: Scottish Dance Theatre Dance studio, Dundee, Scotland

When: Saturday 6 July 2019

Deadline for applications: 21st June 2019

We are looking for highly creative, versatile, skilled and strong individual performers interested in embarking on a journey with the company.

Fuora Dance Project intends to investigate and develop issues of mental health and wellbeing, which have frequently recurred during the process of making previous shows. Mental health is found to repeatedly impact on FDP and the artists they collaborate with, and the company would, therefore, be keen to delve deeper into this topic. It will give a group of collaborating artists the opportunity to explore their own mental wellbeing, and to open up and be honest, as part of the making process, as they are not usually able to do during a work engagement. Throughout this process, they will work with an Art Therapist who will help ensure that the artists feel safe and supported in sharing any personal insights or experiences and that the overall process is of therapeutic benefit for them.

During the R&D, artists from several genres (director, dramaturg, dancers and musicians) will collaborate to discover how mental health issues – in particular, anxiety and depression – can impact on people; and we will explore how to create an innovative work of dance theatre that brings these issues across in a new accessible way.

Applicants must be based in UK. Applicants should also demonstrate strong contemporary dance technique, partner work, improvisation, devising skills and confidence in delivering spoken text. The ability to play an instrument and/or singing would be a bonus.

R&D Dates:
From Monday 30th September 2019 until Tuesday 22nd October 2019. Please keep in mind we will not work over the equivalent of 3 weeks’ total during this period, and that some Saturdays and Sundays may be included as working days.

Development will be paid at a rate of £500 per week for 3 weeks’ total, plus travel, access costs and accommodation where required.

We encourage applicants from all walks of life, as we seek to represent a true cross-section of society on stage. We would encourage dancers of all ages, POC, and people from the LQBTQIA+ community to apply. If you are unsure whether this opportunity is for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Audition: 6th July 2019 from 11am to 7pm at Scottish Dance Theatre, Dundee Rep Theatre (Scotland)

Attendance to the audition is by invitation only. Please apply only if you can commit to all the dates for the period of work.

To apply, please email a letter of interest outlining your practice and why you are interested in being a part of this project, along with a CV, headshot, and a short video to giulia@fuoradance.com. Please mention if you have any additional information that you believe is valid for the selection.
Deadline to apply: 21st June 2019

Contact details: Giulia Montalbano

For further information, please visit www.fuoradance.com

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