Attitude Dance Studio Mauritius is looking for a talented and passionate Dance Teacher to join our team!

Where: Mauritius

When: Beginning Sept 2024

Deadline for applications: Till position filled

Located in the heart of Mauritius, our studio is dedicated to providing exceptional dance education and fostering a love for the art form in our students.
Diploma/Degree in Dance or RAD Teacher Certification
Proficiency in classical dance forms
Experience teaching modern jazz to students of all ages
Familiarity with acro techniques preferred
Ability to choreograph and create routines suitable for competitions
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Driving licence

Conducting engaging and informative dance classes that inspire and motivate students
Developing and implementing lesson plans tailored to the needs and abilities of each class
Providing constructive feedback and guidance to help students grow as dancers and performers
Creating captivating choreography for performances & competitions.

How to apply:
Send your Resume to

For further information, please visit

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