Full Dance By LaCerda in Berlin
Full Dance is an Improvisation workshop where we work instant composition through different physical materials commonly used by LaCerda in our creations.

Where: Katapult, Berlín.

When: 26th to 30th October

LaCerda’s work is highly influenced by ritualistic dances and their meanings. We like to see the studio already as a stage where to perform. To burn the stage with our dance is mainly our goal in every class and every performance.
In full Dance we will work how to be rooted to the floor and how to move from there, we will learn how to move speedy and skilfully from one point to another, and we will work our arms and presence taking some ideas from Voguin dancen.

All these materials will be used later in the workshop to deconstruct them and improvise with them in relationship with rithym, time , music and space.

Lacerda is a contemporary dance company directed by three Latin American creators living in Barcelona. Edward Tamayo (COL), Johann Pérez Viera (VEN), and Valentina Azzati, (ARG), that develops its artistic and pedagogic activities in Barcelona since 2016.

Within its scenic work, we can find the pieces “A blind solo” “Tango” and the latest “When I’m not around”, showed in different festivals in Spain, Germany, Croatia, Argentina and Colombia.

La Cerda dance collective appears with the intention of exploring the infinite possibilities of the body as a tool of creation, and it explores the concept of ritual and the mystery that it involves.
We are motivated by the creation of worlds and situations that stimulate the audience to think about what is bizarre and unknown. To attain this goal, we use movement, sound and lighting as basic elements to create disconcerting atmospheres capable to seduce our spectators’ curiosity.

How to register: To ask for info and book a place write an email to rociogopo@gmail.com

Costs for participants: 150€

For further information, please visit www.lacerda.es.