2-Days Workshop with Natalia Gabrielczyk at Frei Art Festival 2022.

Where: Frei Art Festival at Studio Pro Arte – Freiburg, Germany

When: 08.-09. Sept 2022

Workshop description:

Improvisation for Storytellers – The journey of physical storytelling

In the class, she will share her experience built through the companies and choreographers she worked with, as well as her own artistic vision. It’s about playing with multitudes: multitudes of rhythms, qualities, images energies and dynamics. We will focus on our senses and our inner rhythm that connect us to groove and flow. It’s about pushing the contrast, looking for the oppositions. It’s about exploring all of our possibilities of expressing ourselves. We will look at the improvisation as a total connection of our body and our imagination. We will create worlds, and break them. We will
create stories that will emerge from our bodies. The class will be based on imagery and varied exercises. Every time you
will be encouraged to connect the entity with endless possibilities, limitless options. We will look at the moving body in a holistic way using different tools to let go, find freedom, and playfulness. It’s a journey to find out our raw sense and honesty. When you believe it in your mind, your body will follow.

Natalia Gabrielczyk is part of Hofesh Shechter Company since 2018. She studied dance at Anton Bruckner University
in Linz, where she also collaborated with Landestheater Linz. At the Hofesh Shechter Company she has been part of
SHOW, East Wall, Shechter Underground, Grand Finale, and now also the newest creation Double Murder. She also
teaches Hofesh Shechter Masterclasses. She collaborated with two German choreographers Karolin Stächele and
Elisabeth Schilling.

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