International Dance Festival with the most outstanding dancers.
Frei Art Festival 2022 brings international dancers to Freiburg, Germany. Date 05.-11.-09.2022

Where: Frei Art Festival at Studio Pro Arte – Freiburg, Germany

When: 05.-11. September 2022

The Frei Art Festival will take place from September 5th to 11th, 2022 at Studio Pro Arte in Freiburg. The 3rd edition of Frei Art Festival, organized by Studio Pro Arte, offers international choreographers, outstanding dancers and a variety of dance styles. This year you will find over 20 workshops and performance projects at Studio Pro Arte in Freiburg.
Among others, Thusnelda Mercy, Felix Landerer, Nico Ricchini, Jasper Narvaez, Blenard Azizaj, Storm, Nathalia Gabrielczyk, Pau Aran and many other well-known dancers will be there.
The program ranges from acrodance, contemporary dance, movement research and improvisation to urban styles and a one-week performance project followed by a performance on the festival grounds.
Also this year the already legendary Out:liers Dance Contest will take place on the open-air venue in Freiburg. Under the eyes of a professional jury, dancers of all styles compete in artistic expression and turn the contest into a big party.

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The Artists:

Nico Ricchini
Jasper Narvaez (Akram Khan Repertoire)
Narenda Patil (Flying low)
Thusnelda Mercy
Pasqual Merighi
Felix Landerer
Lewis Cooke
Nadine Gerspacher
Nathalia Gabrielczyk
Kernel Dance Theater
Blenard Azizaj
Storm (Hip Hop legend)
Davide Bonetti
Pau Aran
Safe Mistele
Jonas Onny
Arias Fernandez
Jonas Frey


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