Free workshop for dancers and movers with Ruth Zanella.

The workshop is aimed at dancers and actors who have a good affinity with improvisation and gesture.

When: Monday 3rd to Friday, July 7th, 2017

Where: Sala Estense Theatre in Ferrara, Italy ( every morning from 9am to 1.30pm. )

During the lesson, we will slide between improvisation and release technique, to go then deeply into the laboratory. The research focuses on the space that is formed by moving bodies, by objects and constructions that are all around us. We’ll see the boundaries of this space that is defined, redefined and shaped whenever we move. We’ll take the reference points and we’ll talk about the middle space, the patterned volume and the boundary lines that surround it. We’ll consider the not visible but perceptible zone and the visible net that instantly changes, giving shape and emphasis to the area that seems not to exist. We’ll investigate the relationships between bodies and objects (static or mobile), between motion and gesture, and how much visibly the middle space is reduced when boundary lines tend to fit. We’ll try to move by having an object, or a body, interposed between us; we will also move without interferences, thinking about the possibility of our choices. We’ll explore our spaces, defining our personal sphere, and shape volumes around us. The theme will be dealt with by giving various interpretations, variations and nuances, enriching it with new proposals. Everything will happen without asking why, allowing ourselves to be surprised by what we will do, discovering every possible different reality, listening to our forms of expression.

The workshop is led by Ruth Zanella;  choreographer and performer Alessandra Fabbri will hold a theoretical lesson of motion analysis. If needed, there will be work sessions in site-specific contexts and video footage outdoor in the late afternoon.

In addition, participation is also open to collaborators interested in documenting part of laboratory or taking part as a digital eye.

For information and contacts: tel. +39 3332014475;

Deadline for participation request: June 30th, 2017 sending an email to

Ruth Zanella – Choreographer, Performer, Dance Teacher.

Graduated in Architecture; President of the Association PuntoZero, which is dedicated to promoting and spreading dance.

Since 2005 she has been organizing events and realizing projects for theaters, institutions and schools. Following the lines of the German dance-theater, she joined the company of choreographer Giacomo Sacenti, with whom he danced many creations in national and international festivals from 2000 to 2009. At the same time, she encountered several teachers and choreographers who set up an important influence in the development of her personal choreographic research (to mention some of them: Sasha Waltz, Virgilio Sieni, Wim Vandekeybus and Iñaki Azipillaga, Abbondanza-Bertoni, Giorgio Rossi, Jorg Hassman, Nita Little). Since 2004 she produced and directed several pieces.

At the moment, her activity is focused on teaching and choreography, also through international artistic residences of research and creation, aimed at the development of specific choreographic projects. Her work is characterized by a strong interest in the various aspects of movement in relation to the physical environment (observed through geometry, architecture, landscape, context) and body. Her creative approach to dance is based on improvisation, giving the dancers the opportunity to express their own ideas and personality, so to jointly build the choreographic story.

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