FREE Web Together with Coco Collective’s Coco Regina, including Q&A about anything dance, from showreels to cv’s, from retraining to reframing and plenty of inspiring stories.

Where: Online

When: 22nd of Feb

Grab a cup of tea, join me, Coco Regina and I’ll tell you all about…

– How my path in dance looks nothing like I thought it would, so you can be inspired to stay open and embrace the unknown!

– How, as a late starter, I got my first apprenticeship without finishing my training

– How training at 3 top schools did not prepare me enough for the dysfunctional work situations I found myself in

– How those experiences became the fuel for my future success

– How I burnt out working a number of jobs at the same time so that you can avoid that scenario

– How I rose up again so that if you ever find yourself there, you can navigate your way out with more ease and grace then I did!

– And of course that Q&A 😉


WHEN: 22nd of Feb
1pm NY
6pm LON
7pm AMS
8pm NIC

To sign up:

Keep in touch on Instagram: @cococo_llective

Free for participants.

Contact details:

For further information, please visit


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