Free Limits is a contemporary improvisation/partnering class based on the movement research of body possibilities and active use of it in the most organic and efficient ways. Main goal is to find powerful ways of movement in space despite the limits, pain and borders that might hold your imagination and physicality from true, free and honest dialogue with yourself, your partner and the surrounding space.

Where: Studio Pro Arte, Am Rohrgraben 4a, 79249 Merzhausen/Freiburg, Germany

When: 14. & 15. November 14h-17h

During warm up I`m focusing on preparing the body and mind of dancers for furthermore deeper exploration, which allows them to move freely while having some clear images about tools and principles that can be used. With meditation, visualization, yoga stretch and tuning our body with different energies we will be able to achieve proper state and concentration which allow us to go further in working exploration process. Apart of it we spend some time for practicing simple
movement patterns and their complex variations in order to warm-up the body and bring awareness to the core and limbs. That usually involve exercises with spirals, hand stands, floor work and jumps.
The main core of the class is basing on structured improvisation. Within specific tasks, principles and images we are throwing ourselves in an exploration world with certain level of awareness about how our body can function and in which specific direction we would like to go. In this part of the class we are having small sessions when you can deepen into investigation process with precise leading of teacher through this journey. Practically wise it includes aspects of efficient work with and in space, question of trajectories, path and implementation of fixed structures. As well we are dedicating time to awakening and bringing awareness to all body parts and exploration process how they lead/follow/affect our movement practice in order to make us more diverse and sophisticated in a process of creating material. It also teaches us how to use specific
amount of energy which exactly demands to the task and movement pattern and open up the possibility to be connected to already existing flow of movements without making too much effort. Last but not least includes work with images and quality, when we trying to achieve specific state of being through work of our body and imagination that could affect our patterns,
break it and lead us to new discoveries and perception how we can approach certain things. Third part of class is basically continuation of previously described, however it allow us to use partner in order to strengthen already discovered feelings, qualities and textures. It gives us additional dimension, when we are able to find a way for efficient collaboration between each other or within the group. As well it helps us to feel more clear impact of other person on this practice and register how quality of our movement can adapt due to presence of other person in it.

About Dima:

Dmytro Grynov during the past 5 years was working as a freelance dancer mainly in Germany with such companies as Sasha Waltz & Guests, Bodytalk, Pierre Boulez Saal, Theater Bremen/ Unusual symptoms, Luna
Park among others. Also he was working in projects in Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine in genres of contemporary dance, physical theater, Dutch mime and site specific performances. Most prominent was the collaboration with choreographers such as Sasha Waltz (Sasha Waltz & Guests), Alexandra Morales & Gregor Runge (Theater Bremen/Unusual symptoms), Guy Shomroni & Yaniv Abraham (Batsheva dance company), Sebastian Mente Maligna & Maria Kolegova (Ultima Vez), Jim de block (Goteborg opera Danskompani) amongst others.
As a young choreographer Dmytro was privileged to work in a frame of residencies at Gdanski dance Festival (Gdansk, Poland), Tanztendenz (Munich, Germany) and PARTS/ROSAS (Brussels, Belgium) and was an assistant for productions of Jim de Block and Bodytalk.
As a teacher Dmytro developed his own movement improvisation/partner class “Free limits”, which he successfully taught at various pedagogical (dance schools) and professional (dance companies) dance institutions.
The most important contribution to his technique and movement style was made by teachers and former dancers of NDT (Ivan Perez, Marina Mascarell, Carolina Mancuso, Celia Amade, Sarah Murphy, Joerri Dubbe) and Peeping Tom (Tamara Gvozdenovic, Samuel Lefeuvre).
Currently Dmytro is based in Berlin and continues to work on his own movement methodology and as a freelance dancer on various projects throughout the EU.

How to register:

Costs for participants: 70€

Contact details: Studio Pro Arte
Am Rohrgraben 4a
79249 Merzhausen/Freiburg

For further information, please visit

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