Creative workshop “Free Flow: the creativity cultivating session.” It’s open to artists willing to explore the human body and movements regardless of their practice. Workshop will be moderated by Berlin based korean contemporary dancer Wooguru.

Where: Tāši manor, Latvia

When: 23-30th August 2016

Deadline for application: 10th August 2016

The Free Flow method aims to revitalize an innate sense connecting through body and mind and nature by maximizing the musicality of body that rooted in breathing movements. The human body is the first place where all sorts of human activities originate in. And fundamentally, the body is unified with its mind that includes creativity, intelligence, emotions and spontaneity. And creativity is among the most distinct nature of us that defines what a human being is, because mankind has to maximize its creation capability to survive in wild due to its vulnerability of body. Therefore, the human body is where creativity was born. And technically, the body is that only can be sustained by constant physical movements in interaction with nature such as breathing and heart beating. Accordingly, all kinds of creation and creativity itself cannot be explained apart from profound understanding of the human body and its physical movements.

To apply please send a CV & motivation letter to

Costs: 50 euro (including accomodation and food)

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