Free Creative Arts&Science Lab – Technology-driven movement experimentation
We will have a 2-day creative lab, intelligently constraining your dance experimentation to benefit your creative potential, using new technology researched by data scientists and professional dancers.

Where: Online via Link

When: When: live on May 31st & June 5th, possibility to do it in your own time if live sessions are at a bad time.

Deadline for applications: May 30

2-day creative lab open to all levels of expertise. Using newly developed technology we will dive into the utilisation of constraints to drive your movement creation. This tool is being developed in collaboration with renowned (academic) Dutch institutes on the topics of technology and creativity (including the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science, Technical University of Eindhoven, University of Tilburg, and the Asimov Institute) and professional dancers.

## I Lab 1

In Lab 1 we will start using constraints and movement experimentation in order to get you accustomed to the method.

## II Lab 2

In Lab 2 we will provide you with intelligently picked constraints through our tool. We will contrast our constraint-based meta-creative experimentation with ‘regular’ experimentation to emphasize the difference. In doing so you will gain further knowledge on how the smart utilisation of constraints can enhance your creation processes.

## III Extra’s

After finishing the Creative Lab, you will be sent an infographic on the effects of constraints on creativity and how you can apply meta-creativity in your daily practise.

Link to register:

Free for participants.

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