Frantics Dance company Workshop is a very physical, dynamic and emotional experience. This 3 part workshop will be lead by 3 co-founders of the company. The material of Frantics, as well as the personal elements of each member, will be shared.

Where: DANCEWORKS Berlin, 2. Etage, Oudenarder Straße 16-20, 13347 Berlin

When: 19th-20th of October 2019 / 11.30 am-17.30 pm

Deadline for applications: 18th October

We will begin with improvisation techniques to connect the body and mind, followed by sequences in which each dancer can add their own voice and flavour.

We are enamoured by the physical possibilities; how far can we push the human body to its limits?
Through this, we want to create a flow, where we stop thinking and simply act. Beyond exploring the physical limits, we want to explore the shapes we can draw with the body, as a tool to convey a clear and concise message.
Within partnering, we will dwell into the connections that can be created and research the physical possibilities when more than one mind is engaged with one another.

This workshop is aimed at dancers from any background, with an intermediate-advanced level of experience.

Taught by Carlos Aller, Juan Tirado and Diego de la Rosa.

This experimental dance company was created in 2013 in Berlin. The founding members, who are from Spain and Italy, were inspired by “Frantics”, from the Spanish “Frenesi”, which is defined as “a violent exaltation of a feeling or a passion”.

Their main influences are from Bboying (breakdance), contemporary dance, acrobatics, experimental hip-hop and physical theater.

The darkness and beauty of Berlin was a turning point in the creativity of these four dancers. They went from competing as Bboys, to performing in theatres, where they found a fundamental change for themselves. It transformed the way they worked, as well as their vision to reach their audience in a completely new light.

Frantics is continuously studying movement, fusing improvisation techniques with energetic movements and dance theatre. Their aim is to create a strong and impressionable experience for themselves as well as the public.


To register, email your name and contact with the subject “Frantics Workshop Berlin” to

Costs for participants: 140€

Costs for participants: 140€

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