Frantics Dance Company – Frenesí / Urban contemporary workshop will give you an insight into the tools that the company uses to deliver and compose movement.

Where: Studio Pro Arte, Am Rohrgraben 4a, 79249 Merzhausen, Germany

When: 12.09.2020 (10:00 – 14:00)
The aim of our workshop is to portray our dance philosophy by driving a physical, potent and emotional experience.

We begin with the stimulation of the senses by amplifying the connection of the student with his/her inner physical sensations and triggering his/her sense of an outer reality simultaneously.

We will reach the maximum creativity and body possibilities while introducing to the student the full array of movement qualities and isolations that are an important part of our aesthetic. We will teach our approach to convey, by using our body as a medium, the stories that are part of our dormant unconscious.

Floorwork is as well a paramount part of our language. We will break the line that separates breakdance and contemporary floor and make the student grasp the infinite possibilities that our research is able to provide also on the ground.

We will share the tools that we use in order to create unique and unpredictable patterns of movement.

This workshop is aimed at dancers from any background, with any level of dancing experience.

To apply email:

Costs for participants: 40,00€

Contact details: Studio Pro Arte
Am Rohrgraben 4a
79249 Merzhausen

For further information, please visit

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