A workshop retreat with Anneke Hansen and Jason Parson, exploring the relationships between our training practices and the art of dancing freely. Four days of deep dancing, fine food, and good company in Turin, Italy. November 6-9, 2023

Where: Lavanderia e Vapore, Turin, Italy

When: November 6-9, 2023

Deadline for applications: October 23, 2023

Sometimes we feel a gap between our experience training as dancers and the experience of dancing freely. How does preparation and technique make free, full, expressive dancing available, enjoyable, and sustainable? And how can we locate expansiveness in our technical efforts? This retreat is designed to explore and bridge the gap between the foundations that allow us to explore movement freely, the forms which shape our dancing, and the freedom of dancing itself.

Spend four days with Anneke Hansen and Jason Parsons in a historic studio at the foot of the Italian Alps, exploring the relationships between anatomical study, physical preparation and technique, improvisational modalities, and the creation and performance of choreographed material.

*Arrive in Turin by November 5th. The workshop will take place on the 6th-9th from 10am-5pm.

How to register and for costs visit https://www.danceassuperpower.com/retreatinfo

For further information, please visit https://www.danceassuperpower.com/

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