Forest is a week-long somatic laboratory that integrates physical training, visual arts, choreographic and material experimentation in synergy with the natural environment

Where: La Finca de los Tilos, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

When: 27 August – 2 September

Deadline for applications: Till completed: 10 places available

Unexpected Dresses for Undefined Ceremonies fo.R.est is a week-long somatic laboratory that integrates physical training, choreographic and material experimentation in synergy with the natural environment. An interdisciplinary, sensitive and conscious experience within a forest landscape, guided by choreographer & fashion designer Javier Murugarren and movement coach/writer Daniel Eagles

The residency will take place at La Finca de los Tilos and the surrounding 6000m2 private forest; a large country house on a unique isolated property situated in the last remaining original laurel forest in the north of the island of Gran Canaria.

This process invites participants to enter into a process of personal exploration within a collective; offering a program that enhances an intuitive connection to movement, nature, materials, stories, both personal and grand narratives. The visual work will use both brought and found materials and objects as a starting point to develop physical, visual and dialectical associations. Participants will work in groups and individually to generate studies; compositions in text, movement and image work within a natural setting. Dialogue will be central to the process.


-Materials/objects/study. Manipulate, construct, connect, embody, translate, manifest.
-Wearing/dancing/material. Incorporate, transform, become, flourish, mutate, create.
-Walk/step/bare feet. Earthing, synchronise, emptying, receiving, observing, unfolding.
-Ritual/meaning. Listen, discover, reveal, respect, spiritualise, honour, transcend.
-Space/nature/character. Locate, inhabit, Interact, mimic, camouflage.
-Fundamental elements. Light/twilight, sound, wind/breath, earth/organic, humidity/water.
-Theory. Anthropology. Evolutionary Biology. Philosophy. Design. Human Physiology.

This retreat is open to people of all disciplines who want to investigate artistic languages in connection with the natural environment. Performing and visual artists, designers, researchers, movers, musicians, writers and creatives from diverse backgrounds will be able to find and rethink working methodologies and inspiration in this process.

Our morning training routines will utilise meditation, yoga, body weather and various approaches to movement and voice research. Creative sessions will follow and they will use visual perception principles, compositional exercises and cross-disciplinary translation methodologies. There will be specific times during the day for personal creative work, rest and sharing of participants’ realities.

1-2 days will also be spent on the coast, using the sea and rocky outlets as our studio, temporary home and stage. Gran Canaria is an incredible place to enjoy such coastal landscapes and spaces, and also in a playful, physical and creative way.

**Short performance/expositions opportunities on Tuesday & Thursday evenings; final showcase of the works to take place on the Saturday afternoon & evening

In this meeting, we will also pay special attention to food, offering a complete and healthy vegetarian cuisine, attending to the needs of each person. We will learn and celebrate some of the wonderful recipes of the culinary culture of the Canary Islands and share those of the participants. Integration and group collaboration is part of the experience; thus, participants will be involved in food preparation and maintenance of the space.

Accommodation will be in shared rooms. There is the possibility to use individual tents on request.

Technical requirements:

A sketchbook, colour pencils/pens, camera (Smartphone) with a small tripod, a small bag with a selection of materials that inspire you, with which you want to work (optional; meaningful objects, garments, fabrics). Natural and waste materials will be collected in the environment also.

For the training, bring a yoga mat, sports shoes for walking in the bush and comfortable clothes; swimming or diving goggles, plus, everything you consider necessary for a week’s stay, including a sleeping bag. We advise you to travel light, so that everything fits in a medium size backpack.

Javier Murugarren is a multidisciplinary artist working with choreographic experimentation, bringing movement together with textiles, sound and language. Besides numerous collaborations, his performance works have been presented in venues such as Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Saatchi gallery and V&A museum (London), and Casa Encendida (Madrid), TicTac Art Centre (Brussels) among others. He has facilitated creative processes and workshops worldwide. He is a founding member of ReMo Studio, a Movement Research studio in Amsterdam. /

Daniel Eagles is a movement coach, writer, philosopher and barefoot runner. He is a dedicated student of the Ido Portal Method and the creator of the Tao Of Movement, combining multiple movement disciplines into a unique and integrated weekly practice, as well as other ‘Taoist’ Rituals and Public Performances. Daniel also leads (barefoot) running rituals and adventures, and writes and publishes his own modern take on Taoism, Zen Buddhism and Sufism in the form of blogs, philosophy collections, poetry and novellas. He also recently began training (and creating) as a shoe-maker. /

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Costs for participants:
Price: € 900 //Early Bird €800 (until 1st of June)
Includes: Workshop, food, stay, transport from Moya Village to La Finca de los Tilos and back.

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