Flying low – Passing through with Narendra Patil, 5 Days Workshop in the frame of SommerTanz 2023.

Where: Tanzfabrik Berlin Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

When: 24.-28.07.2023 // 17:00-20:00

Deadline for applications: 24.07.2023

After more than 15 years of close collaboration with David Zambrano, Narendra shares his rich experience experimenting with principles of Flying Low and combining them with his own approaches to movement. Flying Low focuses mainly on the relationship of dancers to the floor. At the beginning of the workshop, you will use simple movement patterns that incorporate breathing, speed, and the release of energy throughout the body to activate the connection between the body center and the joints and move more efficiently in and out of the floor by maintaining a centered state. Emphasis is placed understanding and utilizing the skeletal structure, which helps to improve our physical awareness and alertness. Using partner work and movement phrases, you will explore the primary laws of physics: Cohesion and Expansion. We will also focus on the visible and invisible spirals that run through the body. In this way, a spontaneous composition emerges from “going through”. When the group becomes a spirit, it can never get lost, there is never one person leading, everyone follows. The whole group is constantly traveling and weaving their bodies together. Flying low philosophy can be useful to develop our own dancing, artistic work and be ready to shape our energy at any point.

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