Flying Bodies is an intensive week of workshops in contemporary dance, circus, parkour and acrobatics mixed with undeniable evening programs such as contemporary dance/circus performances, concerts and parties in the beautiful city of Budapest.

Where: Artus Contemporary Art Studio, Budapest, 1116, Hungary

When: 11th of August 2019 – 17th of August 2019

Early bird deadline: 17th of July, 2019
Late bird deadline: 5th of August, 2019

Flying Bodies, You are the festival!
Flying bodies? Weightlessness, air, freedom. Flying Bodies Festival is the place for FLOW and experience of perfection. Existing as a workshop series since 2014, this year Flying Bodies has grown into a festival with a unique and progressive offer of programs. In the daytime, one can attend the circus, parkour and dance courses, during the evening there will be tons of contemporary/ circus/ pop-up performances in the industrial, Berlin-like Artus Contemporary Art Studio. Besides all this, you can also attend cool hip-hop and mind-blowing techno parties in the heart of Budapest.
The educational part of the program is bringing world-class teachers to Budapest, where you can choose a comfortable level on which you’d like to participate (explorer/advanced).
Just to mention some names: Panama Pictures circus company is going to perform two of their show, you’ll be able to boogie to the tunes of Ábris Gryllus, learn some moves from Tony Thich (Yamakasi group) and attend the interactive programs of Firebirds.
You are the festival! Action, dynamics, philosophy, lifestyle, community and family. Flying Bodies programs are gathering the most exciting, special, creative people from the globe. A nest of intense improvements, unforgettable parties, life-long friendships. Spirits and bodies are flying at the same time. How does that sound? The festival is happening in cooperation with Éva Duda Dance Company, to make sure that we offer you the highest quality of art and entertainment.

To apply and for further information visit

Costs for participants:
Early bird: 250 euros
Normal price: 270 euros

Contact details: Márton Csuzi

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