The Flower of Death Butoh Intensive is a special 1 month butoh dance theatre intensive themed on the dying season (Autumn), and the celebration of Mexico’s Day of the Dead and more in general, the Halloween season, a favorite to anybody young at heart.

Where: Şirince, Turkey

When: Oct 03 through 28

Deadline for applications: Oct 02 2022

The program is guided by Coco Villarreal (Mexico), Rita Soma (Spain), and Adam Koan (USA). Keeping in mind the Autumn theme, together, they will take everyone on a deep journey of inner discovery by way of ritual, play, and breaking from human domestication. Coco will take us to the edge, bring us back to our inner nature, and create an atmosphere of deep listening. Adam will combine physical, intellectual and imagery-based methods to bring us into our personal butoh body. Rita will guide different universes and dimensions into the body and allow for resonance with the elements that surround us: sounds, images, thoughts, feelings, bodies.

Classes will take place at Tiyatro Medresesi theatre and retreat center. There will be approximately 5 hours of class Mon thru Fri.

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Costs for participants: Starting at 195 Euros per week and 938 Euros per month. Includes 3 meals, bed, program.

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