This is a callout to Share your FLOW. Your stories and experiences will inspire the creation of a new solo work ‘FLOW’, an investigation into the human perceptions of struggle, existence and happiness.

Where: UK

When: 2020

Deadline for applications: June 7th 2020

An investigation through sound and choreography into the human perceptions of struggle, existence and happiness. The state of Flow, or ‘being in the zone’ is an an optimal experience into the limits of our concentration, with a sense of fluidity between body and mind.

This is a callout for anyone who, in whatever they do, has experienced the state of flow.
I want to hear your stories; the finding and enjoying, the searching and struggle and everything in between! Your experiences will inspire the soundscape and creative process leading to Lila J Naruse’s latest solo dance work ‘FLOW’.

How to apply: I invite a written response to one or more of the following questions. If you prefer to answer in a different form I welcome an expression of your flow experience through video, sound/audio recordings, images, drawing, creative writing, or another means:

What does ‘flow’ mean /feel like to you and what is your experience of it?
When / have you experienced flow and how?

What triggers the state of flow for you?

How do you find purpose and joy in the chaos of existence?

Free for participants.

Contact details: Please send your responses to:
Instagram: lila.j.naruse
Facebook Messenger: Lila Naruse

I gratefully welcome your contributions will honour and respect all that is shared. I would like to credit those whose experiences inspire and contribute to the final performance in promotional material and at the performances, however if anonymity is preferred I would respect this.

For further information please visit

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