Creative movers! We invite you to explore the ART of BODY MOVEMENTS with a team of skilled artists in the exotic and sexy island ➤BORNEO, first time ever!

Where: Kuching/ Borneo, Malaysia

When: 20 – 29.12.2018

Deadline for applications: 19.12.2018

This retreat offers a whole educational program, leading the students to a better understanding of a body as a complex but united system. So while executing beautiful dance, martial art and acrobatic moves you are attentive to your joint posture, use of the bones, tissues and muscles; with just the right mobility, flexibility and strength involved.

Asia’s island Borneo is a great winter escape to beautiful nature, rich culture, diverse food and kind people.

➤CREATIVE ACROBATICS helps you comprehend bio-mechanics of complex moves. You will explore static and dynamic balance positions and transitions. It is a method where acrobatics, contemporary dance, physical theatre & martial arts are joined in a unique program, to broaden your movement vocabulary to extremes!

➤CAPOEIRA gives you a greater notion of space and positioning, opens up a new vocabulary of movement dialogue and enrich you with lots of cool quadrupedal and acrobatic moves. The expressive and powerful Afro-Brazilian art form.

➤SILAT works your instincts and creates a good base for you, which is very helpful on your further explorations in the field of movement. It is a Malay martial art with graceful and exact body control.

➤All of the programs are connected into a bigger picture of understanding your body biomechanics; space you move in, the flow of the balance and how to get out of the known movement box.

You can attend 10 or 5 days program.

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