Flow Acrobatics Online Course – 6 week trainings programs to find more flow and freedom in your movement.

Where: Online

When: Anytime

Both the beginner and advanced course are a 6 weeks trainings program and deal with the thematics of body awareness and fully body coordination. The participants will get to know the concept in a playful way by integrating new movement patterns wich a based on fluidity, resilience and lightness and ave their origin in capoeira and contemporary dance.

The beginners course aims to convey the knowledge of how to flow (dance fluently) though various phrases which are designed of different acrobatic movements.
You will find tutorial videos of warm ups, floorwork, floor phrases, preparation exercises, improvisation, acrobatic elements, and Flow Acrobatics phrases.

In the advanced course the thematics are the same but the concepts, movements and phrases will be more complex. The focus will be mainly on developing a strong understanding of acrobatic movements and how be creative with them while also focusing on a healthy execution. Floorwork patterns will be not so present anymore as those were already covered in the beginners course.

To register and for more information, visit flowacrobatics.com

Costs for participants: 360$

Contact details: office@kenandinkelmanndance.com

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