OLTRE Workshop&Masterclass è una nuova piattaforma indirizzata a danzatori professionisti.

“The workshop is structured to explore a variety of rolls, slides, rotations and dynamic movement phrases characterized by changes in level: from lying to sitting, sitting to standing and back into the floor, from the floor into the air, jumping to falling. We will learn exercises of varying lengths and levels of difficulty, all the while challenging the limits of our physicality.

Where: Via Monte Pasubio 7, Monza (MB), Italy

When: 24 February 2024: 14.00 /17.00 – 25 February 2024: 10.00/13.00

VOVA ZAK è un istruttore della tecnica Floorwork.
In precedenza ha lavorato come direttore del training program di Vertigo Dance Company.
Vova è stato un danzatore di diverse compagnie israeliane tra cui Vertigo Dance Company.
Attualmente Vova lavora come insegnante per Kibbutz Dance Company e per Batsheva Dance Company school.

How to register: polettoerika@gmail.com

Costs for participants: 120€

Contact details: Erika: polettoerika@gmail.com

For further information, please visit https://www.instagram.com/oltre_workshop_masterclass/

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