Workshops lead by Vasko Nasonov, it’s a physical contemporary dance class. During the class we will work with impulses, gravity, rebounce, flow. We will be playing with floorwork and levels, time and volumes.
Vasko use technical ideas from contemporary dance, breaking and acrobatics. By collecting it together we can use extreme physical movements and don’t lose the flow, we can play with the speed and softness and other qualities.

Where: via Arrigo Davila, 47/b , Rome, Italy

When: 8,9 June 2024

Deadline for applications: 7 June, 2024

It’s mostly technical class, with the focus on combining technical principles with physical abilities. Vasko’s main idea to perform it in an effortless quality without loosing the power.
Work with an external and internal sources.

The class  will consist from warmup using the locomotions with the one of technical ideas for the lesson. The next part is work with the movements and variations (speed, quality, space, initiations etc), which combines to small connections.
And at the end we go to the dance phrase, to feel how else possible to use the ideas.

How to register:
By email:

Costs for participants: 175 euros

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