10 days residential martial arts program for dancers and martial artists featuring Capoeira, Kalari payattu (Indian Martial Art form) and fight composition based on martial arts principle.

Where: Play Practice Artists Residency, Bangalore, India

When: 8th – 18th January 2019

Deadline for applications: 15th November 2018

Play Practice Artists Residency organizes a 10-day intensive martial art program focusing on fight improvisation and composition practice based on martial art principles taught by Abhilash Ningappa.
a south Indian martial art form Kalari payattu taught by Raam Kumar, Brazilian capoeira taught by Sharath Shantharaju. participants are provided by accommodation during this program and extra time and space to work after the practice which will lead to a presentation evening at the end of the program. for further information please check our website.

To apply, please send CV and Pictures to playpractice.info@gmail.com

Costs for participants: 390 euros ( Course fees + Accommodation )

Contact details

Phone or WhatsApp: +91 9980560577For further information, please visit www.playpractice.in