A monthly virtual gathering to discuss works in progress or other creative ideas/thoughts.

Where: monthly – December’s chat is taking place Wednesday, December 14 from 8pm-9pm EST

When: Wednesday December 14, 2022

What: let’s talk art shit! Are you craving creative conversation? Do you want feedback, or miss thinking critically about works and *giving* feedback? Do you have an idea and all of your peers are tired of hearing about it? Let’s chat! A quick, casual, work-in-progress or idea-forming lil chat. All are welcome!
Conversation structured by Molly Huey to get the ball rolling

First chat was hosted on Zoom. Looking for feedback on if the community prefers Zoom or likes the idea of a Discord server that we do monthly video calls on, but can chat in the server whenever about progress, etc. Let me know what you think/if you have a preference!

To register, email Molly at mollyhuey@yahoo.com for the virtual invite & for more info!

Free for participants.

For further information, please visit www.mollyhuey.com

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