F-O-R-M Mini Commissions Program: applications open, $500 for Youth (ages 15-18) to make your own film!

Where: Canada

When: June – November 2023

Deadline for applications: May 16, 2023

F-O-R-M invites High School Aged Youth (ages 15-18) based in what is colonially known as Canada to apply to the Mini Commissions Program. Up to ten young artists will be awarded $500 towards the creation of their own 1-2 minute short videos that will premiere on F-O-R-M’s Instagram during our 8th Annual Festival in November 2023.

From July to August, artists will participate in creative workshops, receive mentorship, and be part of peer-to-peer feedback sessions to support their filmmaking processes. No previous filmmaking experience or knowledge is required, just an interest in pursuing your creative voice!

The Mini Commissions Program is an opportunity for youth to play and experiment with movement and film. F-O-R-M has seen firsthand the power that young artists have when their creative voices are empowered. We want to bring down the barriers and provide a space where youth can discover their creative outlets in a supportive space. F-O-R-M values process over product—exploration, experimentation, and education are key principles that guide this program. Where do your ideas come from and where will they take you? How can you transform your ideas into a video? What can you learn about yourself in the process of creating art?

Selected Participants will be provided with:
– $500 honorarium towards the creation of a 1-2 min video
– Workshops about topics pertinent to film creation (ie: collaboration, DIY videos, editing, sound design), lead by emerging and professional artists in the movement-on-screen community
– F-O-R-M Office Hours: dedicated time slot once a week for artists to drop-in, connect with fellow artists, and ask questions during their creation process.
– Peer-sharing and feedback sessions throughout August + September
– Premiere of their video during 8th Annual Festival on @formvancouver Instagram
– Complimentary All-Access Pass to F-O-R-M 2023 (film screenings, workshops, events)

How to apply:

Visit https://www.f-o-r-m.ca/mini-commissions-program-2023 for full information!
Application form: https://form.jotform.com/230574800630247

There are 3 questions of the application:
1. In your own words, tell us about yourself! (max. 300 words)
2. What draws you to the Mini Commissions Program and why are you interested in exploring the medium of filmmaking? (max. 300 words)
3. Tell us about any ideas that you have for a 1-2 minute movement-on-screen video. What skills are you interested in developing during this program? (max. 300 words)

There are 3 ways to apply:
– Option 1: Complete the application form digitally
– Option 2: Submit a 5-10 min video responding to the application questions
– Option 3: Participate in a short 15-minute video call, responding to the questions, with one of our team members

Contact details:
For questions, visit: f-o-r-m.ca
Email erin@f-o-r-m.ca

For further information, please visit https://www.f-o-r-m.ca/mini-commissions-program-2023

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