Earthdance are searching for a new, dynamic leader to participate in developing the future of Earthdance.

Where: Plainfield, MA USA

When: Fall 2021

Deadline for applications: Rolling


With respect to the limited capacity and possibilities of a single person, we acknowledge that the skillset and organizational needs expressed in this posting are diverse and multifaceted. We remind all applicants that it is not necessary to have all of these skills and experiences, rather the willingness to learn, as well as to work collaboratively and be supported by a talented and engaged team of colleagues, board of directors and committee members. We are excited to meet you and open to your insight, direction and ideas.


Earthdance is a workshop, residency, and retreat center with a focus on improvisational movement arts; it occupies the homeland of the Nipmuc, and nearby tribes: Agawam, Pocumtuc, Wabanaki Confederacy, Mohican Indians in an area that is now known as the Berkshire hills of Western Massachusetts. When a group of friends who shared a love of contact improvisation and improvisational dance bought the land and moved in over 30 years ago, they had no idea Earthdance would evolve into the non-profit organization it is today. Currently we are looking for someone who has the skills to both nurture and maintain the community aspect of Earthdance and balance the needs of the institutional organization.

The past year has been a challenging yet generative time, as we’ve dealt with the impacts of COVID-19. We’ve temporarily ceased most on-site programming and retreats (our main source of income) and utilized the opportunity to complete structural upgrades to our facilities. We have developed some online programming, received critical donations and grants, and also made use of government support programs.

We plan to begin hosting on-site events again later this year, and to eventually return to our operations as a retreat center focused on improvisational movement, dance, community gathering and upholding the unique role Earthdance plays in the global Contact Improvisation community. We are looking for someone to be an integral part of the team that will carry the organization forward.

Motivated by a commitment to equity, social justice, and sustainability, the Earthdance Board and staff are interested in structures that promote horizontality and shared visioning.


The Executive Director is responsible for managing and overseeing all aspects of Earthdance, in collaboration with other staff leaders. The main areas of responsibility include development (fundraising, grant writing and donor relations), financial management and planning, staff hiring and supervision. Additionally, the Executive Director supports communications (publicity, marketing and outreach), physical facilities planning, and event programming / artistic direction. The Executive Director reports to the Earthdance Board of Directors. At this time, the organization is engaged in substantial work to embed stronger equity and access procedures into all aspects of its functioning and is working to emerge from the pandemic with new clarity about financial models that support the health and sustainability of the organization and the individuals it serves.

The new Executive Director is expected to:

Take a leading role in fundraising and business planning in order to sustainably expand Earthdance’s income
Deeply support the work of institutionalizing equity and access practices, in collaboration with the Equity and Justice Coordinator
Collaborate with the board to develop a staffing model that meets organizational needs in a way that is fiscally sustainable
Collaborate with the board and the Operations Director in developing an emergent strategy post-pandemic
Create and maintain accountability processes that are equitable and restorative working closely with the Equity and Justice Coordinator, Operations Director and board

Candidates should be highly self-motivated, creative, and detail-oriented, with excellent communication and organizational skills. Must be able to collaborate with staff members and volunteers, develop and steer projects, and structure time to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. We are looking for a director who embodies harmonious leadership, nurtures relationships, promotes expertise from all levels of the organization, and inspires and influences others to thrive in a collaboratively-run arts organization. The Executive Director of Earthdance must have: a familiarity with somatic dance and movement practices; a commitment to anti-oppression, access work, and environmental stewardship; and interest in community building and engagement. More detailed job responsibilities are listed below.

Black, Indigenous and people of color, LGBTQIA+ folks, women, and people of differing abilities are encouraged to apply.

Compensation & Benefits

Salary: The Executive Director position is a full time salaried position, with an expected average of 40 hours/week. The ED is also expected to spend some non-work time at Earthdance for community events, jams, performances, etc. The salary for this position is $50,000-$55,000.
Health Insurance: Earthdance does not currently offer a healthcare plan, though an individual may qualify for subsidized insurance through the Massachusetts Healthcare Connector program
Housing: Housing is not currently being offered as part of this position, however, depending upon the candidate’s access needs and plans, this may be negotiable.
2 weeks paid vacation and 1 week of paid holiday/personal time
Additional benefits include the opportunity to attend workshops and other events free of charge, access to studio space, and relationship-building with dance/movement teachers and practitioners domestically and internationally!


Fundraising & Development

Expand Earthdance’s fundraising and development efforts
Identify, develop, and meet with individual major donors
Develop and coordinate annual fund drives and materials, with the support of the Fundraising Committee
Explore potential sources of institutional funding and develop relationships with appropriate local, regional, and related international foundations
Manage all institutional grant research, writing, reporting, and budgeting

Business Planning & Management

Ensure that the organization is equipped with a solid foundation of financial practices, in collaboration with the Finance Committee and other board and staff
Develop, recommend and manage the Annual Organizational Budget with Finance Committee
Strategize and plan Earthdance program models, pricing/fee structures, and contract templates in relation to fiscal health in collaboration with other staff
Monitor and plan in collaboration with other staff for long term health of the Earthdance buildings, facilities, and land

Staff Hiring, Development and Supervision

Develop a fiscally sustainable staffing model in conjunction with Finance Committee and Board
Hire and supervise Earthdance’s paid staff in a transparent manner
Work with various stakeholders to develop a non-hierarchical collaborative organizational structure which includes cooperative decision making, clear communication, and empowerment of others in the organization

Earthdance Programming & Rentals

Collaborate with Programming Committee (and at times, board) on artistic direction
Collaborate with Operations Director on event logistics and care
Strengthen Earthdance’s present program of workshops, festivals and events, collaborate with and offer additional programming for and by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, LGBTQIA+ people, and differently-abled people
Engage in coalition-building with other arts and social justice organizations to develop combined programs
Develop relationships with prominent teachers, artists and visionaries in the fields of dance, somatics, and improvisational arts
Develop relationships with Earthdance’s rental clientele and expand Earthdance’s capacity as retreat center for rental groups (in collaboration with Operations Director)
Evaluate program models and develop rate structures to ensure access and profitability

Public Relations, Promotions & Marketing

Supervise marketing and Marketing Director for Earthdance, including visioning, developing strategy, assessing impact & access, and ensuring branding consistency, quality, timeliness of design materials, and disseminating information about Earthdance programming in collaboration with appropriate staff and/or contractors
Diversify Earthdance’s stakeholders and increase stakeholder engagement
Lead in Earthdance advocacy and positive public relations
With Equity and Access Committee, support repair, accountability and restorative practices with community members as necessary

Preferred Skills/Competencies:

One to three years of experience leading a non-profit, educational or arts organization or comparable experience
Experience and success in financial management, fundraising and development
Strong team leadership: skilled communicator, collaborator, consensus builder. Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to interface with others using tact and diplomacy
Excellent ability to tend to administrative functions, including email correspondence, composition of business/HR policies and contracts, and development of budgets and narratives
Experience in movement arts and improvisation (including some familiarity with Contact Improvisation), as well as a personal movement and/or artistic practice
Demonstrated capacity to lead an organization towards becoming an actively anti-racist organization promoting social justice and equity
Ability to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships under pressure
Ability to offer authentic warmth and welcome to community members in your public role
Ability to nurture yourself with artistic practices and relationships in balance with organizational responsibilities in order to thrive

How to apply: If you are interested in this position please submit the following:

A letter of interest that includes personal account of:
your experience as an organizational leader, manager of projects and people, and/or as a fundraiser,
your interest and background in movement/dance,
your experience in leading organizational culture change, specifically in the realm of social justice, anti-racism, and horizontal power sharing,
how you are uniquely suited to the position of Executive Director at Earthdance.
A resumé
Three references (include name, relationship, phone number, and email)
Any additional supporting materials (marketing or fundraising materials, general writing samples, project descriptions, etc.)

Materials should be sent electronically to:

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, however review of applications will begin July 14, 2021.

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