Everything is danceable. Dance, improvisation and research workshop with Gabriella Maiorino.

The olive trees, the wind, the wonders, desires, the nihilism, the boredom, competition, the fruits, sex, illnesses, walls, warmth, friendship, relations, nightmares, alcohol, closeness, pleasure and loss.
Things pass through us and shaping them is our wild game and our serious task.
Animal instinct and flexible muscle mix with our thinking process and with our complexity.
Transformation and rhythm are the tool to re-mix the elements and to create.
The aim of the workshop is for desire and technique to meet, melt and collide; to put together and contaminate the unknown with the very well known.
We will dance in order to push our limits further and further; smelling things and putting our noses in uncertain, underground, places. And we will constantly practice techniques, as artisans of making, creating, thinking, playing.

Where: Casina Settarte. Contrada La Chiusa, 72017 Ostuni,  Italy

When: From 18th to 22nd of August.

Deadline for application: August 17th

To apply
Send an Email with your interest to  info@casinasettarte.org   You will receive all info about the workshop and the modality of    payment.

Costs for participants: 350 euro per person.
Discount for groups of 3 or more people (300euro)
The price includes workshop, accommodation and 3 meals per day based on the seasonal, local food.

Contact details:

For further information, please visit http://www.casinasettarte.org/wordpress/

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