EUROLAB Certificate Program in Laban / Bartenieff Movement Studies – a further education for all those working with movement.

Where: Berlin, Germany

When: July 24 to August 18, 2023 and July 29 to August 23, 2024

Deadline for applications: February 24, 2023

Experience, observe, understand and create movement…

The EUROLAB Certificate Program in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies (LBMS) – Basic Level runs in Berlin over 2 years under the direction of Antja Kennedy.

The goal of the program is to acquire the foundations for a comprehensive study and a holistic understanding of movement. Students of the Basic Level enhance their creative skills and discover new growth opportunities by recognizing movement patterns and expanding them through LBMS. They will improve their movement observation and get more clarity, coordination and expression in their movement.

The Basic Level includes the practical and theoretical study of
• the Bartenieff Fundamentals Bodywork (basic six sequences, body connectivity, and wholebody organizational patterns) – focus of the 1st year
• the Laban Movement Studies (Space Harmony, Effort and Shape theory) – focus of the 2nd year
• movement observation and notation (including methods of observation, observation exercises, and motif writing)
• as well as seminars on the history and application of LBMS.

Pre-requisites include: A Bachelors degree, vocational training or a similar qualification, as well as proof of participation in introductory courses in Laban Movement Studies and Bartenieff Fundamentals. A wide range of experience in various types of movement, dance styles or sports is beneficial. Open for all levels.

The certificate for the Basic Level is awarded by the European Association for Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies – EUROLAB. With the Basic Level Certificate the acquired knowledge can be applied in a professional field. After another two years of study in the Advanced Level, the certificate Certified Laban Movement Analyst (CLMA) will be awarded.

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