Equilibrio Dinamico Ensemble Training Project – an exclusive international path, conceived and curated by Roberta Ferrara. A path of research and experimentation where you can recognize yourself, discover your strengths, gain knowledge and awareness of your body through the study with a parterre of international artists.

Where: Bari, Puglia, Italy

When: September 2020 – January 2021.

Deadline for applications: August 20th 2020

“My goal is to provide opportunities. Those who enter the Ensemble must come out enriched under the human and artistic profile, for this they must trust and have esteem. I worry about the knowledge of the guys because I want them to be able to choose”
Roberta Ferrara – artistic director EQUILIBRIO DINAMICO COMPANY and training project EQUILIBRIO DINAMICO ENSEMBLE, associated artistic director ODYSSEY DANCE THEATER. Choreographer, teacher and freelance judge.

Equilibrio Dinamico Ensemble is the training project born from an idea of Roberta Ferrara, now in its seventh edition.
The project was born within the Equilibrio Dinamico Company, a repertoire company with operational headquarters in Bari (Puglia). A need for the choreographer and artistic director to offer an environment for young dancers where to recognize, experiment, deepen their skills, discover their strengths, gain knowledge and awareness of their body through the study and the different experiences with numerous professionals.

Quality and Versatility, Information and Opportunities are the keywords of the project, which wants to be of inclusion and sharing. The Ensemble allows you to develop an intimate and personal poetics, offering individual training and at the same time promoting teamwork, a continuous comparison.

The mission is to inform young dancers through a curious and stimulating research from a physical and mental point of view. An immersion in sharing for the purpose of personal fulfillment. Each year Ensemble becomes a crossroads for international study meetings.

The work that takes place in the Ensemble starts from the training but does not stop there.
Ensemble becomes a necessary bridge between training and work. The young people who enter the Ensemble find constant support that aims at self-realization, awareness of their body and also of a profession. The realization of its participants is a constant goal in the training process offered.

The dancers are guided in the choice of their future, programming a personalized study plan and a calendar of auditions similar to their skills. Thanks to the Ensemble young dancers had the opportunity to join and work in dance companies and enter universities or international professional centers after hearing.

Who is it for?

This training project was born with the need to provide information and updates, therefore it is aimed at those who have an awareness of the movement with aptitudes for research and experimentation.

Important the predisposition to group work, ability to compare and curiosity. The target audience is 16 to 25 years old.


The project will run from September 2020 to January 2021, offering:

Three artistic residences that will flow into a final performance signed by international guests. Participants will be the protagonists of a final show in which they will have the opportunity to dance choreography specially created for them within an evening that is proposed as a showcase of the current scenario of contemporary dance, also sharing will be accompanied by the creations of different artists guests.

A research and experimentation program carried out in three different places: study, theater and outdoor where everyone will be able to recognize their essence and put it on stage. OUTDOOR is the contemporary dance show born as a study module in the Dynamic Balance Ensemble training program. A study mode where participants have the opportunity not only to study but also to observe the guest artists on stage with their own creations.

Realization of a Dance Movie.


-From 22 to 26 September 2020 CHOREOGRAPHIC RESIDENCE
by Imre van Opstal – 25h hours of residence
Imre van Opstal dancer for BATSHEVA DANCE COMPANY, dancer & choreographer for NETHERLANDS DANS THEATER. Now freelance artist.

-10/11 October 2020
Kevin Paradox – 6 hours of study + talk with the artist
Freestyle expert dancer known above all for his innovative method of teaching Hip-Hop freestyle.

-24/25 October 2020 DANCE MOVIE
curated by Roberta Ferrara in collaboration with Experimental Film Virginia (USA)
Artistic director of EQUILIBRIO DINAMICO COMPANY and of the training project EQUILIBRIO DINAMICO ENSEMBLE, artistic director associated for ODYSSEY DANCE THEATER. Choreographer, teacher and freelance judge.

-7/8 November 2020
Mathilde Gilhet – 6 hours of study + outdoor
Performer for LUZERNER THEATER, associate artistic director for ONBOARDHERS, teacher at ARTS UMBRELLA DANCE, judge YAGP.

-21/22 November 2020
Diego Sinniger De Salas – 6 hours of study + outdoor
Artistic director of IN-motus co, dancer for LALI AYGUADÉ COMPANY, ROSER LÓPEZ, ESPINOSA, COBOSMIKA COMPANY. Choreographer, dancer, freelance teacher.

-From 5 to 8 December 2020 CHOREOGRAPHIC RESIDENCE by Pablo Girolami and Giacomo Todeschi – 20h of residence
Pablo Girolami previously dancer for HESSISICHES STAATSBALLETT, SPELLBOUND CONTEMPORARY BALLET, artistic director of IVONA. Freelance choreographer.

Giacomo TodeschiI co-founder and dancer of IVONA, previously dancer for SPELLBOUND CONTEMPORARY BALLET and LA VERONAL. Freelance teacher.

– From 2 to 5 January 2021 CHOREOGRAPHIC RESIDENCE by Sasha Riva and Simone Repele – 20h of residence

Sasha Riva dancer for HAMBURG BALLET JOHN BALLET COMPANY NEUMEIER, BALLET DU GRAND THÉ TRE DE GENÈVE. Now co-founder and artist member of “RIVA & REPELE danzarte” and freelance artist.

Simone Repele dancer for the INTRODANS COMPANY, dancer of the BALLET DU GRAND THÉ TRE DE GENÈVE. Now co-founder and member artist of “RIVA & REPELE danzarte” and freelance artist.

On the same days, 3 hours in the afternoon of the rehearsal room of the entire show curated by Imre van Opstal, Pablo Girolami, Giacomo Todeschi, Sasha Riva, Simone Repele and the screening of the film curated by Roberta Ferrara.

-6 January 2021 END OF PROJECT SHOW

N.B. Availability of the whole day is required.

The project is supported by StudioDanza Arci (Bari), the Compagnia Resextensa (Bari) and Teatro della Centena (Rimini).

The participants will be selected through a video audition.
To register for the video audition access visit https://www.equilibriodinamico.org/en/formation/
>> there you will be able to access the link through the subscribe button and fill in the Google form >>
You need to fill all the info below:
First name
Date of birth
Place of residence
Telephone number
Short bio max 100 words
Improvisation video max 2 min.
2 photos (full-length and half-length)

Costs for participants: 1500 euros

Contact details:
Email: equilibrdinamicocompany@gmail.com
Facebook: Equilibrio Dinamico
Instagram: equilibrio.dinamico

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