The mentorship program of Equilibrio Dinamico Ensemble, created by the artistic director Roberta Ferrara, aims at inspiring, train, and connect the dancers thorugh a global and engaging mentorship in the world of contemporary dance. Roberta Ferrara decided to make us of her vision and experience to offer a valuable training program in contemporary dance.

This ambitious project aims at strengthening and expanding the successful “Gold” program, offering a process of growth and a excellent mentorship.

Where: Bari, Italy and Leeds, UK

When: from January to May

Deadline for applications: 7 January 2024

The program includes:

Ø  Individual and Collective Support: Providing personalized support and promoting collaboration within the dance community.

Ø  Practice of Equilibrio Dinamico Collective Values: Integrating the practice of collective values into the training experience, emphasizing the importance of exchange and cohesion within the group. Always paying attention to the poetic of the company.

Ø  Studio: Exploring various aspects of dance, with particular attention to dramaturgy and lighting, enriching the artistic training of participants.

Ø  Partnership with International teachers offering a global perspective.

Ø  Monthly Meetings from January to May to guarantee both intensive and continuous training.

Ø  Performance of Equilibrio Dinamico’s Repertoire and stage experience: a new staging of the creation “Confini Disumani” by director Roberta Ferrara will be studied and performed on stage. The new production will benefit from the support, as an acting coach, of Riccardo Lanzarone, actor, director, and teacher at the Nico Pepe Civic Academy of Dramatic Art.

Ø  Restaging of two Ensemble repertoire creations by Alice Godfrey and Isaiah Wilson, currently artists of great relevance on the international scene.

Ø  Two new creations by Gianni Notarnicola (Batsheva Dance Company) and Lupa Maimone (founder, director, and performer of Oltrenotte company, recognized by the Italian Ministry of Culture as an under35 dance production company). Two different research approaches but complementary for personal artistic and technical growth. Additionally, this performance involves participants on stage with some of the dancers of Equilibrio Dinamico, ensuring an active internship opportunity within the program.

Ø  Partnership with a British university: Collaboration with the postgraduate dance company in the UK, VERVE. Study and performance on stage in Leeds, expanding the international perspective of the participants. During the exchange at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, there will be an opportunity to study the repertoire of the VERVE company, which this year includes creations by (LA)HORDE, Matteo Marfoglia, and Joy Alpuerto Ritter.

Ø  Complementary Subjects: Holistic practices to support the individual, incorporating some martial arts for discipline and philosophy, in addition to an administrative focus to provide knowledge tools related to future contracts and calls.

Limited Participation:

The program has a limited number of spots to ensure a highly personalized and interactive training experience, aiming to offer individual support to maximize the benefit for each participating dancer.

Location: Bari, Italy and Leeds, UK

Period: from January to May 2024


o  from 26 to 31 January 2024 – introductory multidisciplinar focus both practical and theoretical

o   from 29 February to 6 March 2024 – new staging, with the support of an acting coach, of Confini Disumani by Roberta Ferrara, from Equilibrio Dinamico’s repertoire.

o   from 22 to 28 March 2024 – choreographic residencies of international original works by Lupa Maimone and Gianni Notarnicola

o   from 29 April to 12 May 2024 – restaging of pieces from Equilibrio Dinamico Ensemble’s repertoire by Isaiah Wilson and Alice Godfrey + study and performance exchange at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in England

o  from 20 to 22 May 2024 – final performance, only date in Italy in partnership with the postgraduate company VERVE from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance

How to apply / register:
It is necessary to hold a valid passport.

The applicants should send via email ( an improvisation video no longer than 2 minutes.

The ideal candidate for the program is someone who has already build their own movement awareness, demonstrated by listing their study background in their application.

A reference letter, describing the applicant’s attitude and predisposition to working alone and in group, is required to be sent together with the application.

Improvisation skills and other personal interests in the arts are preferred.

Equilibrio Dinamico will cover the costs related to the experience in Leeds, England:

–          travel,

–          meals,

–          accommodation,

–          study day.

Costs for participants: from 500 euro per month (are included the cost related to the experience in Leeds)

Contact details:
For more information, contact our administrative office: We are available to provide all the necessary information to ensure an accessible and quality training experience

For further information, please visit