Creative workshops and participatory events in the intersection of dance, philosophy and VR technology.

Where: Dock 11, Berlin, Germany

When: 27-28.4.19 or 4-.5.5.19

What if you could see how you are seen? What if you could step into the position of others while interacting with them? Would you be able to physically enjoy your position if you saw yourself from the outside? Could you be immersed and reflective at the same time? How does experimental VR technology change the perception of dancers and audience?

The workshop will introduce you into cutting edge VR technology 360 camera and how to use it for dance performance. No technological knowledge is required.

„Entering into Virtual Realities“ is the second part of a research collaboration which integrates dance and VR technology. In the first part „Playing with Virtual Realities“ we used the VR headset HTC Vive in order to explore how different practices and epistemologies can collide. In „Entering into Virtual Realities“, we use 360° Camera and multiple VR-Headsets (Oculus Go) in order to – literally and metaphorically – step into each other’s standpoints. Perspectives are mixed like never before, as the 360° camera becomes an active, moveable part on stage, which is live-streaming its footage to multiple VR-headsets. Our positions as performers and as audience will swap. This experimental setup is pushing the limits of current VR technology and how it can interact with live performance.

Concept and direction: Dr. Einav Katan-Schmid and Dr. Christian Stein,

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Costs for participants: 165 Euro


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