Brothers, sisters, people of all styles and forms of dance,
with the exception of counter-technique.

Where: Chasse Dance Studio’s, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

When: 1 July 2017

Deadline for applications: 22th May 2017

Read this post and apply to us now! Have you lost faith in the current dance administration? Do you live in fear of unemployment for committing to something for four or more years, you did not even know, had terrible career options? Do you want to live outside of a community that is dictated by funds and meaningless applications, rather than, artistry and creativity? Well…?

The current systems of dance do not want you to realize that our world is not sustainable, money and funding will run out! We can’t scavenge forever and we need long term solutions in place now!

Its going to take allot of determination and hard work.
“How much hard work?”, you ask, “Allot!”
So are you willing to do hard work? Well than, read further.

We can’t go on like this, we are creating something bigger than any of us. Something that is not their property to be messing around with and now that some of the popular click are thinking what we do is cool. We are looking for you.

Its time to explain that although funds in the dutch dance world are still plentiful now, securing a dance income independently is something you need to start doing some considerable time before it becomes necessary and that the waste of fully(or partially)funded but badly selling performances are still a waste of funding on badly selling performances.

We are here to change things as strong independent artists. That what ever happens, have the means to sustain our self. regardless what happens within the world, we will go forward, with +/-30 performances a year throughout the Netherlands. We are looking for dancers with the same dedication and knowledge for the craft or that have the same willingness the gain this dedication and knowledge. To simplify, We are looking for the Dutch DMR and we are holding auditions.

Requirements of a DMR:
– Has a MBO or HBO dance education or applies for an internship.
– Has a dutch nationality or can prove that he/she/it is residing in the Netherlands 2017/2018.
– Has or has no prior experience.
– has the exemplary qualities that make you S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
(Strength, Persistence, Endurance, Creativity, Intelligence, Agility, Luck)
– Is male, female or something between this spectrum.
– Proper dance sizes and move-abilities, thinks for him/her/it self, inoffensive smell, etc,
– Willingness to do work hard.
– Willingness to do deep work.
– Willingness to gain knowledge in the broadest spectrum of the dance world.

Offerings to a DMR:
– +/- 30 performances a year.
– A dedicated hand selected team of like minded unique individuals.
– We work 2 days a week giving you the time to work outside the other 5.
– Good training possibilities.
– A clear work agreement.

Application process for a DMR:
(going out of order or out of the boundaries given will ruin your chances of auditioning)
– Send 1 email to:
– Subject of email is: “This Is A Cry For Help”
– Pitch yourself in 3 sentences total.
– Include if you are here as dancer or as an intern
– Complete the following sentence: Being part of the DMR makes me …
– Send 1 dance picture, 1 selfie and 1 full body photo (preferably wearing at-least something)
– Send 1 dance solo video youtube or vimeo link( NO SHOWREELS ) (don’t forget paswords)
– Basic CV as PDF (basic info + 2 most recent dance experiences)
– Tell us if your interested in an audition workshop (10 euro’s)

The audition:
– Application is free.
– Application is open till 22th of May 2017
– After a pre-selection 30 to 50 dancers will be invited to participate.
– If their is enough amino we will provide an audition workshop (10 euro’s).
– Participation will be 10,- euro’s in advance.
– The audition consists of a 4 hour workshop/soak-test.
– The audition has no mid-audition-thinning. (nobody will be send home early)
– Auditioning dancers are allowed to forfeit and try again next year.
– Both Rens and Sarah will pick their own selection of dancers.
– If their is enough amino we will provide an audition workshop.
– Our eyes are set on 25/26 June 2017 or 1/2 July 2017
– audition will be in Amsterdam

Photo: Ronin Photography

Subject for questions:”I Have Fallen And I Can’t Get Up”

For further information, please visit

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