These five weekend long training involves an indepths emergence into Body-Mind Centering® and Authentic Movement to allow your body to find ease in technique and use it for creative processes that will lead to a performance in the end.

Where: Somatische Akademie, Berlin, Germany

When: August 26 – 28, 2022 , October 07 – 09, 2022, November 04 – 06, 2022, December 02 – 04, 2022, February 04 – 05, 2023

Deadline for applications: 10, August 22

This is a training that supports your personal dance research and dance works. Experiential anatomy based on Body-Mind Centering opens a space into a rich, finely differentiated world of the body Regular Authentic Movement practice supports one’s artistic research process through its connection to the direct experience of the moment from non-knowledge. This allows the complexity and dimensionality to remain tethered in the artistic researcher and to the subject. The evolving material comes into a dialogue with somatic-connected aesthetic decision criteria, through which the personal material is sharpened for the performance. Abstraction and performativity become possible without loss of inner connection. Embodiment can occur. In this process, self-reference and self-empowering action are strengthened.

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Costs for participants: Earlybird: 900.00 EUR Full Price: 1080.00 EUR

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