Patricia Bardi’s work combines vocal expression with physical movement to deepen awareness and awaken perception in ways that foster transformation. Participants will use vocal and physical practices to explore the skeletal, organ and fluid systems as a source for discovering resonance of sound in the body. We will work with connecting our breath to physical sensation while actively moving in space. We will engage with sound and language through improvisation opening up space inside ourselves, in partners and in a shared circle of sound & rhythm. From this sense of physical connection, we will move into interacting with sounds coming from physical gesture and fluctuating rhythms.

Where: Via Cadorna 18, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino, Florence, Italy

When: 23 – 25 March 2018

Preferential price before 28th February 2018

Bringing the body into a felt sense of awareness provides fertile ground for bringing our awareness & vocal presence into a whole body experience that supports our capacity to communicate and enhance our performance skills. Our expression begins to converge & navigate through uncharted territory refreshing our relationship to our creativity and aliveness.

Patricia Bardi is an independent dance/voice artist, educator, researcher, bodywork specialist licensed natural health practitioner and somatic movement educator/therapist originally from New York and based in Amsterdam. Patricia has toured extensively, teaching and performing at international festivals, universities and theater schools throughout Europe, North America, Japan and India. She is the director of the accredited certification program – VMI Somatic Practice combining Vocal Dance, Voice Movement Integration Practice and Vital Movement Integration Bodywork she founded over 20 years ago, centered in Amsterdam and also founding member of the School for Body-Mind Centering (USA),  London’s Chisenhale Dance Space and Rocca Project. She has received a London Arts Choreographer Award, she has conducted research on North Indian vocal music in India sponsored by the Arts Council of Great Britain and she also presented her research on voice and movement at London’s Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, the Netherland National Center of Performing.

How to apply: The workshop is open to those who want to improve their dance experience and to those who want to get closer to a listening to the body, expanding the pleasure of being rooted in the present moment. To participate send an email to with the subject “SOMANTIC REBUS BODYWORK”. We will reply within a few days with the details.

Application before 28 FEBRUARY               Cost €100,00

Application after 28 FEBRUARY                   Cost €135,00