Christian movement retreat guided by 2 educators, based in butoh and contemporary dance.

Where: Sirince, Turkey

When: Sep 9 – 21

Deadline for applications: Sept 1, 2024

Embodying a Christian Heritage is a movement retreat themed in the past Christian activity of the Ephesus area guided by butoh dance educator Adam Koan (USA) and contemporary dancer Tiffany McSwaker (France).

All levels, backgrounds, and abilities are welcome to join.

The Ephesus region in Selcuk and Sirince, Turkey has many connections biblically and to the Christian faith in general.

Guide #1 Adam Koan (USA)

Butoh dance performer and educator Adam Koan will guide his new pedagogy known as Theokinesis, a butoh based in the Christian faith and its mysticism.

Theokinesis is a sacred and creative butoh dance theater. The witness establishes a personal relationship with God, responding through the body. The body and immediate space become the church.

The workshops use the creative tool of butoh dance theater in order to free the body of everyday constraints so that it can more readily act as a sacred offering.

Guide #2 Tiffany Mc Swaker (France)

Contemporary dance performer and educator Tiffany McSwaker will guide Transcendental Embodiment (TE), which is a holistic approach to dance focusing on moving meditation, dancing prayers, contemporary dance, and vital energy work.

Tiffany Mc Swaker believes that dance can be a practice of introspection, transformation and transcendence of subjective experiences into a collective journey. Metaphysical dance, beyond its mode of appearance, can be inspired by something beyond its self-sufficiency, be the tool of a quest for the sacred, and transfigures the consumer of secular art.

The retreat takes place at Stoa, a scenic and large theatre retreat center in the greater Ephesus area.

The final cost covers all accommodation, 3 meals  + 1 snack, and guide fee.

Early bird until Jul 7th

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Costs for participants:
Starting at 552 Eur for entire 2 weeks

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