Embodied Voice Flow a 5-day workshop in Berlin with Alessio Castellacci.

Where: Abada Studio, Urbanstrasse 93 Berlin, Germany

When: 11-15 October 2021

Deadline for applications: limited participants – registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis

– 5 days
– 20 hours
– individual mentoring | group process

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Embodied Voice Flow is a vocal‐physical process which invites you to re-discover an intimate and empowered relationship with the primal voice and its profound sensitivity, through a series of somatic investigations on deep listening, embodied vocality, musical instinct.
Each session opens a space to connect with the pleasure of creating music with our breath, voice, mouth, body, and with our innate instinct for expression and connection through sound. We combine these practices to create different forms of vocal improvisation whilst grounding within presence and awareness, expressing our vital creativity through sound and movement, and listening with the whole body at the same time we start to cultivate the art of living in the present moment. The overall trajectory of each session follows a designed progression from the functional aspects of voice and body (breath anatomy, elements of acoustics and phonetics) to the realm of improvised musical flow – the ‘music of the now’.
The core practices of the Embodied Voice Flow are:
> Deep listening: the meditative practice of receiving sound in its depths through the body, unconditional hearing as a gateway to our consciousness.
> Somatic experience: experiencing one’s voice and body as an integrated whole, dialoguing with the vibrational nature of your voice.
> Pulsing/tuning: working with spontaneous pulsations and melodies as a way to experiencing music in a playful, intimate, naked sense; connecting with your creative source by surrendering into the music of the moment.
> Circle songs: organising emerging percussive-melodic patterns in a collective musical flow within improvised sound journeys.
> Songs as Teachers: we open songs from different traditions and dive together in their melody, rhythm, circularity, surrendering to each song as a gateway to our consciousness and the full expansion of our voice being.

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Where: Abada Studio, Urbanstr 93 Berlin
When: 10:00-14:00, mon-fri
When applying until Sep 15, 2021
When applying after Sep 15, 2021
To apply:
▼▼The Intensive has a limited amount of participants (in compliance with the German regulation), each application will be received and confirmed until reaching a full group, after that we will not be able to accept applications any more. Apply soon to secure your spot!
For questions write Alessio at info@the-world-is-sound.com
image design: Kristen Howard

For further information, please visit http://www.the-world-is-sound.com/fall-intensive-1

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