Embodied Transitions is an online holistic integration program which empowers dance artists to navigate the world healthfully, authentically and creatively. Internationally accessible with a mixture of online and in-person sessions, it offers unique guidance, support and tools, resulting in increased clarity, focus and community building. 

Where: Online via Zoom

When: Info/Intro Workshops + Pop-Up events are taking place May – August 2024.
The next 12 week program round will take place September-November 2024.

Deadline for applications: Early-Bird Enrolment for the program is already open.
Enrolment will close at the beginning of September 2024 when the program starts. Registration for the workshops is always open.

Embodied Transitions is a 12-week integration program for dance artists, offering holistic support and guidance through an online platform supplemented with in-person meet-ups.
Participants can expect to deepen their artistic identity, connect with experts and peers, collect insights into various paths, develop practical skills, recognise dance training as a form of life training, enhance work/life balance and gain community.

“Embodied” emphasizes the idea that dance is not just a physical art form but a way of being in the world. It underscores the holistic approach of incorporating dance into all aspects of life. “Transitions” signifies the pivotal moments of change and growth that individuals go through in their dance careers and lives, highlighting the program’s goal of guiding and supporting dancers during these crucial phases. Together, “Embodied Transitions” encapsulates the program’s mission of empowering dancers to navigate life’s transitions with mindfulness, authenticity, and creativity.

Info/Intro Workshops will include:

– Learning The Why behind Embodied Transitions and Who it’s for
– Recognising the Value of Authentic Paths
– Program Details & Benefits
– Q&A Session
– Next Steps

A schedule of Pop-Up Events can be found on the webpage!

– Embodied Transitions is facilitated by:
Amelia Eisen w/Mike Planz, Elisabeth Kaul, Sade Mamedova & Kirill Berezovski

– Pop-Up Guests in include: Lukas Robitschko, Richard Oberscheven, Linde Hanna Rongen & Edan Gorlicki

How to register:
For schedules, further details, enrolment and a complementary exploration call, simply get in touch with us by sending a message to: embodiedtransitions@gmail.com

Costs for participants:
We make individualised payment plans which respect the value of Embodied Transitions and are in alignment with your needs.

Contact details:
Get in touch with us:
– via the email mentioned above
– via instagram @embodied_transitions
– via the webpage listed below

We look forward to meeting you!

For further information, please visit https://ameliaeisen.com/embodied-transitions/

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